Important Reminders to Keep Yourself Sane & Your Event Successful

We begin every peer-to-peer fundraising event campaign inspired by you, the Event Directors across the country, who are so willing to step up and lead – it’s no small matter. 

And this year is no different. 

Whether you’re gearing up for RIDE 2021, TGP 2021, another event, or simply feeling like you need a pep-talk, here are three important reminders that Event Directors have taught us over the years: 

  • Fundraising happens when fundraising matters – We know you want to see great fundraising this year – of course you do.  Then as you begin, go out of your way to connect your mission to your participants and especially your team captains. Explain in simple terms what you do, why it matters and how it’s making a difference. When you do, you’ll invigorate fundraising everywhere in your charity, including your p2p fundraising campaign. 
  • Your cause is serious but p2p fundraising events are fun – We remind you of this annually because this is the approach we take in the event and it’s worked well. When emailing, posting, recruiting or fundraising, balance the grinding pain and need behind your cause with the uplifting fun and hope of this event. Keep your event light, fun, and celebratory (where appropriate), and your cause serious, critical, and worth caring about. 
  • No campaign is perfect (not even yours) – No matter how good your campaign plan is, it’s never going to roll out exactly as you hoped. And this year we’ll all need to be more agile and flexible than ever. Things are changing almost weekly so you know, the best made plans… Cut yourself some slack as you begin your campaign this year.  After all, your team isn’t following your plan so much as they are following you (and we think you are pretty awesome). 

Key Take-a-way: You’ve got this! Find a simple way to explain your mission, balance your cause and the event carefully, and remember, people love you, not your plan.