For Skyline Group of Companies, “corporate social responsibility” is not simply something to check off a to-do list. It is proactively imagining – and re-imagining – ways to develop, support, and engage strong communities across Canada.

There’s No Place Like Home

The importance of home cannot be overstated. Having a place to come home to each day, a space that feels safe and where you can gather with your nearest and dearest, is a core human need. For the leaders at Skyline, providing Canadians with places to call home is what drives them each day.

Skyline began as a property management company in Guelph, Ontario. Since 1999, it has bloomed into a national organization with several divisions and alternative investment funds promoting sustainability on all levels. It  believes in building and supporting strong communities.

With an eye on environmental, social, and governance sustainability, Skyline is invested in creating and maintaining thriving, vibrant communities for its residents, employees, and community members.

 Skyline knows first-hand that home can be a complicated concept: job changes, medical situations, and a litany of unexpected circumstances can make paying the rent hard, and staying well even harder. If a Skyline tenant is going through these circumstances, Skyline’s team does all it can to ensure the tenant stays housed.

As Skyline expanded across the country, it took a pulse check on its giving strategy, asking: as a national organization, how can we meaningfully support the individual communities we serve?

Enter Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY).

National Generosity Meets Local Impact

Coldest Night of the Year unlocked a new way for Skyline to fundraise and support local charities while enabling all Skyline staff to share a nationwide experience. CNOY allows Skyline staff to team up and compete against other Skyline locations across the country  in an effort to raise the most money for those in need. For Skyline, CNOY:

  • delivers a national campaign with profoundly local engagement.
  • creates opportunities for employees to make a difference in their local community.
  • raises critical funds for local charities that directly contribute to stronger, safer, and healthier communities.

Plus, Skyline really puts its money where its passion is: it matches all CNOY fundraising – meaning every $1 is really $2 – motivating other teams and organizations to step up their efforts!

All in all, it’s a perfect fit.

CNOY: Everything Skyline Needs to Make a Difference

According to Skyline, perhaps the best part about its annual CNOY campaign is the organizational ease of… well, everything! The resources, emails, social media, and team tools given to all CNOY teams makes the “work” of getting up and running almost non-existent. Team captains can focus on fundraising, team building, and results. Skyline has everything it needs to empower its people to do the very work they love doing: building communities where people can thrive.

CNOY was just what Skyline needed to make a huge national impact. With each year, the campaign gains momentum, interest, and engagement, driving up Skyline’s fundraising to an incredible $63,672.56, doubled and then invested back in local communities. What felt impossible was made possible by this perfectly paired partnership of CNOY and Skyline.

If your organization is ready to think big and engage meaningfully, CNOY is ready to make it easy for you, too! We challenge you to get your people moving and support the needs of communities across Canada, making a true impact in the places where you live and work. Challenge accepted?