BC Housing is all about home: making a positive difference in people’s lives and communities through safe, affordable, and quality housing. This organization goes above and beyond the idea of simply putting people in rooms, focusing instead on creating meaningful spaces for people to live, and to live well. That means thinking outside the house-shaped box to partner with organizations and community partners that make a huge difference in the lives of those who need housing support. 

Uncommonly Intentional 

When it comes to their life-changing work, BC Housing takes a forward-thinking approach that’s creative, adaptive, and flexible. They are trusting, collaborative, and open, well aware that providing a home to everyone who needs one is a community endeavour. These are more than words on a website – BC Housing truly puts their money where their vision is. 

Having sponsored a number of Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY) charity partners in the past, BC Housing decided to take a bigger step. CNOY is an annual family-friendly walk held in February to raise money for local charities who serve people experiencing hurt, hunger, and homelessness. For 2023, BC Housing wanted to give more, create more impact, and find a way to reach more local neighbourhoods throughout the province. They worked with Jim Heuving, our Manager of Corporate and Community Partnerships, to develop a granting process that delivered BIG results.

Blue Sea + BC = Big Change 

Through our partnership, BC Housing has granted a total of $53,000 to 26 CNOY charity partners, adding early momentum to charities’ campaign scoreboards and real impact to their continued ability to serve the community.

For BC Housing, this partnership was simple: 

“The CNOY campaign aligns with our values and we want to be more involved,” said Vincent Tong, Acting CEO, BC Housing. “Through initiatives like this, we continue the vital work of providing safe, secure housing to people who need it most.”

For us at Blue Sea, we are so thankful to be part of a movement that helps link local charities with regional, provincial, and national organizations that want to help the hungry, hurting, and homeless. “We exist to help charities fundraise successfully,” says Jim Heuving. “Thank you to BC Housing for their vision and commitment to making real and meaningful changes in BC communities. Perhaps more importantly, thank you to our incredible charity partners who show up day in and day out to offer warm meals, warm beds, and warm smiles to those who need it most.”

“BC Housing provided early sponsorship support to our Burnaby CNOY which created some great encouragement and early momentum to our fundraising efforts. The funds raised through our CNOY allow us to continue to expand our services to meet the growing needs of our vulnerable community members.” – Carol-Ann Flanagan, The Society to End Homelessness in Burnaby and Alex Monroe, Burnaby Community Services.

Stronger Communities, Together

Building a safer, happier, warmer province is only possible when people care. CNOY is a way to bring these people together and help them make change, together. When tireless charities, dedicated walkers, generous donors, and big-hearted organizations join hands in CNOY’s highly successful fundraising program, big change is possible. Nationally, the CNOY 2023 campaign is well on its way to hitting its $12,000,000 fundraising goal. These funds fuel countless stories of housing, healing, food, dignity, impact, and kindness. We are so grateful to help make this happen, because, what better story is there to tell? 

For more information about BC Housing, please visit: https://www.bchousing.org/

For more information about CNOY’s Corporate and Community Challenge, please visit cnoy.org/challenge or contact Jim Heuving at challenge@bluesea.org