Fundraising and sponsorship have gone together for decades. They are the ubiquitous power couple at every fundraising event. Have you ever been to a golf tournament without hole sponsors? No. Or how about a gala without sponsors for tables, food or silent auction items? No again. So why are they always together? What makes this relationship work so well? 

You’ve Got What THEY Want

Businesses are looking to grow their brand, find and keep new clients, and make a profit. They’re also looking for ways to boost morale, strengthen their culture, and make a difference in their communities. To do this they need to create and successfully sell a service or product that people want and build affinity in the hearts and minds of those people. It’s no small feat. 

They need to be continually connecting with their customers and prospects. That’s why they’re on social media, attending trade shows, updating their websites, and making sales calls. 

Here’s where things get interesting: It just so happens that the people they are targeting are often the very same type of people who will attend your fundraising event. Having a presence at your event then, is a strategic opportunity for them to achieve their goals!

Remember local businesses:

  • Need to always be finding new and meaningful ways to connect with their customers and prospects
  • Understand that consumers look favourably on generous businesses 
  • Want to be associated with great events that bring their community together
  • Value the opportunity to invest in a professional, well run, local event 
  • Wish their employees could get involved as well
  • Are willing to invest to get everything above and more!

Sponsoring your event isn’t a favour for your charity! It’s a real and worthwhile business investment.  

They’ve Got What YOU Want 

Charity events are rarely cheap. The costs associated with most fundraising events tops 50%-75% of the amount of money raised. To offset the risk of those costs, and ideally boost your take-home funds, you need businesses to invest as sponsors. 

Remember, businesses:

  • Often have a budget for supporting local causes. They are used to being asked for donations and are used to giving to worthwhile charities
  • Might have philanthropic motivations but will still consider your event an investment
  • Want to do more than write a cheque and are often quite willing to register a team, recruit, and fundraise as well
  • Are natural connectors. In our experience, if you get one happy sponsor you’ll get more!
  • Will keep investing if the social and financial ROI remains positive

So, make it your priority to secure at least 10% of your total fundraising dollars from sponsorships! 

Key Takeaway: the icing on the p2p fundraising cake is sponsorship. Make sure you get your sweet slice of this growing revenue stream!