You Know You’re An Event Director If…

Every week we throw a lot of stuff at you. Oh, you hadn’t noticed? Really? I think not – we KNOW we firehose you with gallons of peer-to-peer metrics, data, trends, guidelines, deadlines, blogs, delivery-dates, best-before-dates, don’t-forget-valentines-date etc. It never ends and we make no apologies for that. We want you to be successful (and honestly, we have a problem and can’t help ourselves). 

But not this week. Oh no – this week we’ve got absolutely nothing of value to say, write or share with you. Instead, we want to buzzfeed you with some meaningless meme-fare that we hope puts a smile on your face and helps you start (or end) your day with a little levity. 

While a lot has happened on Earth in the past 12 months, one thing that hasn’t changed is that EVENT DIRECTORS (that’s you!!) are the superstars that drive great p2p fundraising events. If you have any doubts about your event director DNA then scroll down the page and know that we get you and that you’re among friends. 

You Know You’re an Event Director If…

  • You’re constantly watching the 3 Ws: WAVES, weather, and walkers
  • Your wardrobe consists almost entirely of swag
  • Your spouse starts calling themselves a CNOY widow
  • You yell at your 10 year old for not fundraising more
  • You wake up in a cold sweat worried about fundraising metrics
  • Your office/home has more boxes than furniture
  • Your charity colleagues avoid you in the staff room because of their poor fundraising
  • You get the feels watching old Jerry Lewis telethons
  • You find yourself unconsciously looking for good walk routes
  • You smile knowingly as you write down the names of all the sponsors at another charities golf event
  • Even your personal emails have your giving link included
  • Your Mother starts leaving messages concerned about how you are doing
  • You are overheating because you are wearing too much swag (Or maybe just a BC Lower mainland experience?!)
  • Your backseat has posters, postcards and toques — as you never know who you might mean or where you might be able to snap a #cnoy photo……
  • Your children react uncontrollably to the question, “Did you ask them yet?”

Event Directors are a special breed of humans! We commend you for your efforts, enthusiasm, and adaptability. Thank you for being you!