Bridges are incredible structures. Each is a feat of engineering, crossing an expanse that seems too big to broach and connecting people otherwise held apart. Bridges change movement patterns, present new opportunities, and draw the unknown into focus.

What do bridges have to do with you and your charity? SO glad you asked. 

On One Side

Every community has issues to address. Big ones – ones that feel insurmountable, complex, and risky. Ideas have been tried, some pie-in-the-sky stuff, but issues persist. 

Every community also has people: visionaries and volunteers who refuse to be daunted by the size, scale, and scope of a challenge. People who believe in a better world, a more just world, who know even small actions have an enormous impact, and who refuse to stop trying.

You know those people. You are those people.

Here’s what you know better than anyone: there is change to be made. You know there is no reason to believe that issues are insurmountable or problems too big. Bridges exist. Bridges help bring about change. They just need to be used. 

You also know the work is hard, you know the work is good, and you know the work is worth doing. 

But you simply cannot do it alone. 

Spanning the Distance

Every mission, every cause, every change needs people. But imagine the slog of drumming up support and engagement one person at a time?  Scratch that. You don’t need to imagine it. You already know it’s exhausting, inefficient, and ineffective. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. (Deep breaths, everyone.) 

Let this sink in: There are pre-existing groups all around you who have the desire to see their community thrive. Groups ready to engage, with shared values who just need a way in. A treasure trove, gathered together, ready to help: 

  • Community groups of like-minded individuals who aren’t satisfied with the status quo and have a network primed and pumped. Think: Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs local gatherings of women, community change-makers, churches, and youth organizations. 
  • Corporations with a charitable engagement plan, ready to activate their workforce on your behalf. Think of your local hardware store, the vibrant coffee shop, or the tech start-up with a team that needs a screen break. 

But finding them, equipping them, and engaging them as effective fundraisers is a WHOLE other thing. And yet, so worth it! THEY want to see the community thrive, YOU are working for a thriving community – everything lines up. But…it feels hard, right? 

That’s the space between you and these groups: even though your hope, mission, and values can all align, how do you actually work together? 

The Blue Sea Bridge 

Enter Blue Sea Foundation. Blue Sea’s mission is to give charities the power to fundraise successfully. We have built an innovative bridge that connects charities with supporters. Each of our P2P fundraising campaigns is expertly engineered to help you receive maximum fundraising and maximum engagement.

This “bridge” is about more than moving individuals towards you – it’s about mobilizing the community groups and corporations who are poised to step up, step in, and step out on your behalf. It’s all about helping you fundraise efficiently and effectively, while encouraging long-term engagement. We simply LOVE being that bridge. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing charities and local groups come together to make a tangible, world-changing difference. 

Blue Sea campaigns, like Coldest Night of the Year, Ride for Refuge, and The Grand Parade, overcome the space between your work and community groups without you lifting a finger. No new hire, expensive overhead, random tech expertise, or another resource drain on your time and team required. The bridge is already built! All the tools, the systems, and the supports needed are finger-tip ready to welcome these powerful partners and rally them to your cause. 

We have it all, we have it ready, and we have made it with this very hope in mind: to see you thrive, so your community can do the same. 

From Here to There and Then Some

The best work is good work done together. Mobilizing community groups and corporations through a Blue Sea campaign levels up your fundraising and builds meaningful, long-term community engagement. Once the connection is made, Blue Sea has everything you need to go the distance with these new partners and participants. Together, we’ll see the change you know is possible!